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One of the things that I love about intranets is that it doesn’t get boring. The way we understand and build intranets has been constantly evolving from digital employee newspapers over mighty employee portals to social (collaboration) intranets. And this is not the end. With the rise of mobile-first intranet CMS tools like the Eyo EmployeeApp we see yet another step of intranet evolution. Where is that coming from and how does this fit to the ongoing discussion about how a modern intranet – more often called digital workplace these days – should look like?

There is an intranet evolution going on

Since the first intranets have been deployed in the mid 1990′s we see a constant extension of use cases. Over time, intranets delivered more and more answers on the question “What do we do with it”. It started off as an information platform for basic knowledge about the company, offices, procedures and contacts. Functionality and technical (integration) complexity grew with the introduction of “Employee self services“. Intranets were often renamed to “Employee portals” and featured complex integration into HR systems to connect to time booking, travel or vacation processes. In 2006, the Web 2.0 wave that was about to change the Internet also started to influence how companies thought about their intranets or employee portals. Intranets were not cool anymore as everybody talked about wikis, forums and blogs. It took a couple of years to realize that the new social technology and intranets were a good fit with a smart combination of their individual strengths and weaknesses. So, there we are in 2016: every new intranet is planned as a social intranet that will cover not less that these 4 key uses cases:

digital workplace intranet use cases

This could look like a happy end, right? In fact it is not because there is one probing question that is far away from being answered by the current generation of social intranets: “How do we do mobile?” Weiterlesen…